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Launches save lives

  • Caister Lifeboats
  • 15 Apr 2017

Over the years the station has responded to numerous requests for help and we have been doing a few sums.

Our inshore boats have launched 303 times and we have recorded 189 lives saved. The Shirley Jean Adye which is now in our Heritage centre launched 88 times to rescue 59 people in distress.

Our two all Weather Boats have also been busy, The Bernard Matthews 1 launched 144 times and recovered 114 people and our current water jet powered Bernard Matthews 2 has to date launched 69 times and recorded 32 people saved.

We have also saved a few dogs who decided they did not want to bring things back to shore but swim ever further out to sea.  Our boats obviously launch for crew training and carryout other support to other agencies. Taking technical people to view the Offshore Wind farm and Naturalists to look at the Seal colony on Scroby sands are two examples.

To repay the support of our local community we also scatter ashes to help bereaved relatives. 

As an independent Lifeboat we depend entirely on donations

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