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Big Shed Cleanup

  • Caister Lifeboats
  • 03 Sep 2014

Woodhouse Boat House a 'late summer clean'... the first since it was built 10 years ago!

Thick with cobwebs between the steel beams and across great areas of the ceiling 'lantern' it took three crew more than two hours just to do the highest parts of the roof area.

Hundreds of dead insects lined the window ledges too.

It's hoped that other areas can be accessed more easily, but the results so far are clearly visible from the ground.

The crew who manned the 'cherry picker' access platform - Andrew Turner, Johnny Banyard and Adam Pimble also cleaned the windows at the upper level, which will allow more sunlight into the boat shed.

More concerning though, they found a couple of stone chips in the outer skin of the double-glazing sealed units, a possible sign of vandalism.

Next time you visit, look up - either you'll notice how much better it looks, or will be able to point out a bit that's been missed! 

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