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The Caister Lifeboat Fete starts at 10am on Sunday 4th August. You could win a trip on our lifeboat display or one of many big prizes in our raf...

16 July
We're ready to welcome you! - blog post image

We're ready to welcome you!

We've cleaned, swept and dusted the museum and re-stocked our shop shelves ready to open up on Sunday 7th April for the 2019 season! Come and wa...

06 April
Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - blog post image

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Hundreds of decorated Easter Eggs will fill the Caister Lifeboat shed - with a chocolate egg prize for everyone who takes part. Just search the ...

03 December
Caister Lifeboat crew tests use of drones - blog post image

Caister Lifeboat crew tests use of drones

An offshore lifeboat crew is testing the use of drones during search and rescue operations.

The independent offshore lifeboat servi...

19 September
Marconi Day - blog post image

Marconi Day

Station today attempting to make contact with as many other "Hams" around the world as they can. From basic vocal and Morse code tapping keys to...

22 April
Softrak has arrived - blog post image

Softrak has arrived

We have just taken delivery of a a new Softrak to replace the tractor we have used to launch our Inshore Lifeboat. With caterpillar style tracks ra...
20 April

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