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Marconi Day - blog post image

Marconi Day

Station today attempting to make contact with as many other "Hams" around the world as they can. From basic vocal and Morse code tapping keys to...

22 April
Launches save lives - blog post image

Launches save lives

Over the years the station has responded to numerous requests for help and we have been doing a few sums.

Our inshore boats have launched 30...
15 April
Inshore boat rescues an escaped dog - blog post image

Inshore boat rescues an escaped dog

Caister lifeboatmen have been praised for launching the inshore lifeboat Fred Dyble to rescue  an adventurous dog that swam a quarter of a ...

23 August
Two lives saved - blog post image

Two lives saved

The power of nature is a terrifying thing.

Tonight the Caister Lifeboat was called out to a fishing vessel that had taken on water ...

23 October
Sunshine,Sand and Seals September 2013 - blog post image

Sunshine,Sand and Seals September 2013

How lovely it was to see lots of people enjoying themselves on Caister beach in the wonderful weather we have been blessed with this summer ~ ju...

18 September
Lowestoft tow for Zigzu - blog post image

Lowestoft tow for Zigzu

Following a call from the coastguard the Offshore lifeboat attended the yacht Zigzu which was stranded about a mile offshore. After putting crew...

23 August

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