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Two lives saved

  • Caister Lifeboats
  • 23 Oct 2013

The power of nature is a terrifying thing.

Tonight the Caister Lifeboat was called out to a fishing vessel that had taken on water off Hemsby.

The Bernard Matthews II was paged at 1835, and launched within less than five minutes. The call had come from our Coxswain's fishing boat. It took only a few short minutes for the lifeboat crew to reached them, and they were afloat but in difficulties....

They were escorted, still under their own power, towards Caister beach but the boat was hit by a freak wave and it capsized. Paul Williams and his son Tommy, our assistant coxswain, were in the water, but they were taken safely aboard the lifeboat and brought ashore where they received medical attention.

The Caister crew, Owen Nutt, Richard and Aaron Thurlow, Paul Garrod, Greg Carter and Jason Delf, accompanied by the RNLI Gt Yarmouth and Gorleston boat,  were in shock, but were thoroughly professional in their rescue. I'm sure all our followers will agree, this is one of our most difficult rescues, especially when the casualties are 'one of your own'.

Thank goodness all lives were saved. Well done boys.

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