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Inflatable rescue thanks to Coastwatch vigilance

  • Caister Lifeboats
  • 03 Aug 2015

Monday 3rd August 2015
Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Fred Dyble
'A' watch today - potential lives saved - 4 young lads in an inflatable, observed drifting offshore, no lifejackets, 2 paddles and little co-ordination in their use....they seemed oblivious to the fact there was an offshore wind which was slowly strengthening and pushing them further from the shore! 
HMCG was called via 999 to instigate a rescue as it became obvious that they were in trouble, ultimately in them signalling for help!

Caister Lifeboat ILB was launched to rescue the 4 young lads, only to find there was only 3 onboard when they arrived on scene, the fourth had jump into the sea and swam to the beach. A brave perhaps foolish young man as they were more than 3/4 of a mile offshore.
The ILB recovered the 3 guys and safely transported them to shore were thankfully the fourth young lad was found safely.
The ILB then went to recover the inflatable and tow it back to Caister lifeboat shed.
A successful rescue thankfully, but could have been much worse, a big thanks to all involved in this event! (IB)

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