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Two shouts in one night

  • Caister Lifeboats
  • 15 Sep 2020

Tuesday 15th September 2020

Caister Lifeboat was paged twice overnight by HM Humber Coastguard, which saw both the All-Weather and Inshore Lifeboats launched into service. 

At 21.43 the Bernard Matthews II was called to a yacht off Sea Palling with engine failure. The 33ft vessel Avocet had three people on board. Our crew launched within 7 minutes of the pager alert. 

Led by coxswain Guy Gibson with second coxswain Tommy Williams, Aaron Thurlow, Paul Garrod, Owen Nutt, Adam Pimble and Laurence Billington on board, they arrived on scene within a few minutes.

Sea Palling Lifeboat had launched and was on standby, but with greater towing capability Caister was tasked to take the vessel to Great Yarmouth. 

A tow line was attached within a matter of minutes of arrival on scene, with Tommy Williams and Adam Pimble going on board
the stricken vessel.

With an ebb tide for much of the incident, the vessel was put alongside in the River Yare by Great Yarmouth Town Hall around 01.30.

Prior to that, on approaching the harbour mouth, HM Humber Coastguard called the coxswain and requested the ILB to launch for a second incident.

At 00.51 the pager was set off for a second time. 

Reports for the safety of a woman on the beach had been made to the police.

Our crew, led by Alex Low, with Andrew Turner, Jamie Smith and Jack Atkinson, were tasked to search the beach southwards towards the Haven SeaShore Holiday Park. 

Within ten minutes of commencing the search Norfolk Police informed HM Coastguard the woman had been found safe and well at home. Our crew found a search party on the shoreline and alerted them the incident had been resolved.

The Inshore Lifeboat was back on station by 0120 and the All-Weather Lifeboat back on station by 0220. Jamie Smith launched the ALB; Zane Billington was tractor driver for ILB launch and he recovered both boats, assisted by Colin Willavise and Dean Billington as beach crew.

HM Humber Coastguard said it was impressed by the rapid response for launching to both incidents; given that we already had one crew out, that the second crew acted quickly and safely for the ILB launch. 

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