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Please visit our Shop,open between Easter and the end of October, in the Main Skipper Woodhouse Lifeboatshed on a Wednesday and Sunday between 10am and 3pm .We also have a walk in shop inside our famous Heritage Centre.

Sorry but we do not operate an online shopping service  but you can still place orders with us by post by including a cheque made out to the Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Service, from within the UK.

Enquiries ...see our contact telephone number and e-mail address

 Clothing (All Navy blue Colour) with Caister Lifeboat supporter logo  
 Polo Shirts (short-sleeved adult sizes:M, L, XL,XXL) (Also in Red)  £17.00
 Sweat Shirts (adult sizes: M, L, XL, XXL)  £25.00
 Caps (adjustable for size)  £10.00
 Smocks (adult to XXL)  £22.50
 Fleece Jackets (adult sizes only)  £37.00
 Technik Softshell Jackets (Adult sizes  S,M.L,XL,XXL,)  £47.00
 Other  Caister Lifeboat Items  
 Ceramic Mug with Lifeboat Picture  £3.00
 Cotton Bags with Lifeboat motif  £5.00
 Tea Towels - white with blue design of Bernard Matthews II  £4.00

 Fridge Magnet - white china with blue design of Bernard Matthews II      

 Fridge Magnet - Acrylic with Lifeboat picture  £2.50
 Candle Holder (Tea light) with lifeboat motif  £3.00
 Thimble with lifeboat motif  £1.00
 Post Cards....various  £0.25
 Pencils...."Caister Men never turn back"  £0.50
 Ballpoint Pen......"Caister Men never turn back"  £0.75
 Memo pads - with picture of Bernard Matthews II - Small  £0.50
 Memo pads - with picture of Bernard Matthews II - Medium or long  £1.00
 Memo pads - with picture of Bernard Matthews II - A5  £1.20
 Computer Mouse Mat - with Bernard Matthews II at sea  £3.50
 Lifeboat Pin Badges  £2.50
 Lifeboat Action Photographs (A4)  £2.50
 Lifeboat Book Marks  £1.00
 Lifeboat Anchor Christmas Cards (x10.)  £6.50
 Lifeboat-Beach company Christmas Cards (x10.)  £3.00
 CD - Through the covers  £7.50
 Caister Lifeboat Books  
NEW BOOK   Caister the Sea Story by David Higgins £11.50
 The Rescues of the Caister Lifeboats by Mike Bensley - Bengunn  £30.00
 Norfolk Independence by John Cannell  £5.00
 Never Turn Back by John Cannell  £4.00
 Guide to the visitor Centre  £2.00

If you would like to order any items, postage and packing charges will need to be added.

 Order Value  Postage and packing price*(up to ...)
 under £10.00  £3.50
 £10.00 - £20.00  £4.50
 £21.00 - £50.00  10% of order value Min £5.50
 £51.00 - £100.00  £7.50

* Orders are sent via Royal Mail and costs may vary

Please send orders with payment to…

The Shop, Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Service, Skipper Woodhouse Way, Tan Lane, Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk NR30 5DJ

Please make cheques made payable to "CVLS"

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The Lifeboat Station, Tan lane, Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk NR30 5DJ