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Fishing Vessel in trouble
The Second call at 0400hrs involved the Offshore lifeboat which was requested to standby a local fishing boat which had got into difficulties. Identified as the trawler Iceni it wa…

Something Spotted in the Sea.
Concerned sea watchers alerted the Coastguard to what appeared to be the hull of an upturned boat about half a mile out to sea.Looking through high powered binoculars could not pos…

Suicide Attempt
Following a 999 call from a member of the public the Lifeboat was launched at about 6.15pm to  carry out a sea search North of the Caister Lifeboat shed from the Haven Ho…

Dinghy retrieved
Whilst en route to Hemsby Lifeboat day the beach crew recalled the ILB to assist a Dinghy in trouble off Caister.

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22/04/17  Marconi Day
Dozens of Radio Amateurs are in our Old Station today attempting to...

20/04/17  Softrak has arrived
We have just taken delivery of a a new Softrak to replace the...

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03/08/15  Inflatable rescue thanks to Coastwatch vigulance
'A' watch today - potential lives saved - 4 young lads in an...

22/07/15  Assist Motor Cruiser VEUR 11
Called to assist Motor Cruiser VEUR 11.. along side at 20.59 and two...

06/06/15  Recover Jet Ski
Jet ski in distress with adult male and one male child....Jetski...

10/05/15  Recover Yacht MIKARA
Launched at 13.32 and arrived at casualty at 13.42.....two crew put...

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