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Missing Swimmer

Saturday 30th August 2014
Time: 21:34 - 22:45

Bernard Matthews II

Caister's Inshore and All-Weather lifeboats were paged to launch at 2134 BST to reports received by Humber Coastguard that a man was in the sea off California.

In all, three lifeboats and two helicopters spent more than an hour searching for a man reported missing in the sea off California last night.

Humber Coastguard received a call at 9.15pm, from someone on Rottenstone Lane in Scratby that a 25 year old man in a black teeshirt and shorts was in the water.

A full scale operation was mounted within minutes of the man being reported as being in the sea... with a strong tide in a southerly direction.

Both Caister's lifeboats and Hemsby Inshore Lifeboat were launched, followed by the RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter and the police helicopter carrying out aerial searches.

Meanwhile coastguard patrols carried out searches of the beaches between Hemsby and Caister.

The crew of Caister's ILB - Alex Low and Tommy Williams - spotted a man on the beach near Scratby, who was later tracked down by police - fitting the description of the man in the water... who was safe and well.

Paul Williams, Paul Garrod, Richard Miles, Andrew Andy Hewitt, Andrew Turner and Jack Waitt crewed the Bernard Matthews II lifeboat. Both lifeboats were launched by Greg Carter.

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