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Formation of the Friends of Caister Lifeboat
The Friends of Caister Lifeboat formed shortly after the appeal for the Bernard Matthews Lifeboat, such was the interest in the new lifeboat its crew and the services that were carried out. Numbers have grown considerably over the years, we now have around 800 members mostly in the UK but also a growing number throughout the world. Many subscribe when visiting our Lifeboat Day in August sometimes they have been on holiday in the area and been impressed by the activities they have seen and wish to stay in touch.

What does the subscription provide
As a Friend of Caister Lifeboat your annual subscription will bring you a quarterly newsletter which covers the services carried out by the lifeboat, the launches, rescues, details of events, progress of the appeal, and information about the various crewmembers and others who operate the lifeboat service at Caister-on-sea.

In becoming a Friend of Caister Lifeboat you will be supporting us in the knowledge that:

  • Caister is the ONLY offshore independent lifeboat in the UK
  • ALL running costs come from public subscription
  • There are no paid employees

Subscription Cost
The annual subscription to the Friends is a minimum of £5.00 per year although of course we are happy to accept an additional amount as a donation.Membership is renewable in January each year

To become a Friend please download, printout and complete the form below, send it with your cheque payable to "Friends of Caister Lifeboat" to...

Friends Subscriptions Secretary
Caister Lifeboat Station,
Tan Lane, Caister,
NR30 5DJ

Friends subscription form
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Latest News

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Latest Shouts

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'A' watch today - potential lives saved - 4 young lads in an...

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Called to assist Motor Cruiser VEUR 11.. along side at 20.59 and two...

06/06/15  Recover Jet Ski
Jet ski in distress with adult male and one male child....Jetski...

10/05/15  Recover Yacht MIKARA
Launched at 13.32 and arrived at casualty at 13.42.....two crew put...

The Lifeboat Station, Tan lane, Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk NR30 5DJ