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Jim DavidsonJim Davidson the famous comedian has a long association with Norfolk, as a young boy his parents would bring him to Potter Heigham in the heart of the broads for a camping holiday. It was at the Bridge Hotel that Jim had his first break into show business. Jim was fishing on the river bank while his father was inside the hostelry sampling the alcoholic refreshment when he got into discussion with two other holiday makers and later asked young Jim to give them an impromptu audition of his impressions. As a result Jim landed a part in the Gang Show, ever since he has had affection for the sea.

In 1988 whilst appearing at the Britannia Pier Jim became involved with the lifeboat crew and became a regular visitor to the Never Turn Back public house, where on Sunday impromptu concerts were held, with Jim on the drums and Percy Griffin, the Lifeboat Bowman, singing. Since then Jim has been a major supporter of the station purchasing two inshore lifeboats plus raising money for the lifeboats operation, and has taken part in exercises, once being winched by the RAF SAR helicopter.

Since Jim first became involved with the Caister Station in 1988 he has become a great friend of the crew, giving them the opportunity to appear in various shows, including The Generation Game and in 1996 The Royal Variety Performance. The later in the presence of HRH Prince of Wales, when Jim sang, "Home From The Sea" with the Caister and Cromer Lifeboat crews.

Jim has never sought publicity for his work for the Caister Lifeboat and was quietly embarrassed when the new ILB Jim Davidson OBE was named after him.

The new Inshore Life Boat which was named the 'Jim Davidson' on Sunday 9th September 2001 was purchased with money largely raised by Jim at his charity show at the Wellington Pier, at the end of the 2000 summer season.

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