Andrew Turner
caister lifeboats Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner

Daytime Job: Radio journalist

Joined: It was at the lifeboat fete in 2009; I was working my day-job, and went out on a trip on the lifeboat in the display. It must have been the fourth trip I’d been out that year. The coxswain said: “you go out on that boat more than I do. When are you going to become part of the crew?” I thought about it - my mother had died the previous year and was always a supporter of Caister Lifeboat, so I went for it! And quickly was asked to become a director of the charity with responsibility for our museum and shop.

Most rewarding part of volunteering/service: Called to station to find I was the most senior of the crew to arrive; realising I was going to command the rescue - a fishing boat which had broken down east of the Scroby wind farm. We launched and got to the boat in a few minutes and attached the tow. The RNLI Gorleston All-weather Lifeboat had been launched and asked if we wanted them to take over the tow. As it was safe, and we were making good progress through the wind farm back to Caister beach, I declined the offer - determined to keep hold of my first job. We brought the fishing boat into the beach, where she and her crew were assisted by our shore team. 

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