Bill Curror
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Bill Curror

Daytime Job: Retired civil servant

Joined: In 2010 I was approaching retirement and looking for something worthwhile to do in the village. I was already a Friend of Caister Lifeboat, and they were asking for volunteers through an appeal in the quarterly newsletter, so I thought why not

Most rewarding part of volunteering/service: The funniest incident happened in the old shed one Sunday. I was talking to a family on the lifeboat Shirley Jean Adye. The couple had young twin girls. I told them they could dress up in lifeboat gear. The lifeboat jackets were too big for these children but this didn't put them off. Someone else asked me a question and while answering it, I turned back towards the family. The mum and dad had put one jacket round both twin girls so it looked like a child with two heads. I couldn't stop laughing! 

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