Caister Lifeboat - 40 Years of Independence!
Caister Lifeboat

Visitors Centre opens in April

Open en every Wednesday and Sunday between 10 am and 3 pm .... also Bank Holidays

Admission is Free

You will also be able to include a visit to Our New Shed to see our present Valentijn Class lifeboat the Bernard Matthews 2. Powered by twin Volvo Penta, 450 horse power Water jets giving a cruising speed of 37 knots, it is the fastest Offshore lifeboat in the UK 

Group bookings for coach parties and clubs can be arrange by telephoning us on 01493 722001  


Our 40th Centenary celebrations in 2009 concluded with the opening of our Old Lifeboat Shed to the public by High Steward, Michael Falcon CBE as the Lifeboat Experience

After a year of planning and hard work the area beside the Caister Lifeboats' first Motor Launch, the Shirley Jean Adye [1973-1991.], has been transformed into an heritage walkway which traces the history of the Caister lifeboat service from the work of the old Beach Companies, through the formation of the Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Service, to the present day.

Our records identify the establisment of the Caister Beach company in 1794 with the first lifeboat station built in 1845. Our service records date back to 1858. 

For over 200 years there have been dramatic and daring rescues carried out along the Coastline of Caister On Sea. Firstly by seafarers themseves, responding and frequently drowing, as they tried to save their families and friends in distress at the mercy of raging seas. Then the local Beach Salvage companies that gradually merged into Associations before becoming the Nationally recognised RNLI.

"And finally" the creation of the Independant Volunteer Caister Lifeboat Service that carries on the proud traditions.

With many panels of pictures and true epic stories surrounding the first Caister VS  Lifeboat a visit to the centre should be the top of the list for anyone visiting Caister. 


visitor centre 2

A proud Skipper Woodhouse looks out over the walkway

visitor centre 4

 "Caister Men Never Turn Back!"

Info centre 3

visitor centre 5

 visitor centre 6

The Walkway was created by personel from the Lifeboat and facilitated by Cubic Design and Constructors

Tel 01493 332031  web; WWW.CUBICDESIGN.BIZ 

 Visitor centre


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The Lifeboat Station, Tan lane, Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk NR30 5DJ