Caister Lifeboatmen given turkeys at Christmas - blog post image

Caister Lifeboatmen given turkeys at Christmas

  • Caister Lifeboats
  • 02 Jan 2020

Lifeboatmen in Caister will be having a Bootiful Christmas after a decades-old tradition was honoured again. Norfolk turkeys were presented to the crew of the independent Caister Lifeboat - something started more than 30 years ago by the turkey tycoon Bernard Matthews.

A long-standing supporter, who had two lifeboats named after him, Mr Matthews gave tens of thousands of pounds to the charity over many years.

On Monday, the company’s HR director Andrew Sherwood visited the lifeboat station with a turkey crown for every member of the crew.

Image above: Andrew Sherwood, right, Guy Gibson left.

He said: “We are very pleased to support the Caister lifeboat crew who do fantastic work for the community. 

“Caister Lifeboat was very close to Mr Matthews’ heart and it is nice to continue his tradition of supporting them.”

On Sunday Guy Gibson became coxswain following the retirement of Paul Williams who had held the position since 2004.

Mr Gibson said: “It’s a long-standing tradition that Bernard always gave the crew a turkey at Christmas.

“Although he died nine years ago, its greatly appreciated that the company keeps his tradition, and the links to Caister Lifeboat, alive.”

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