Caister Lifeboat has been saving lives at sea since 1791. Completely independent, we depend entirely on public donations to help us provide safety and rescue services to the countless vessels, crews and beach visitors to this area of the East Coast. Scroll down to discover more about our vessels, crew, museum, latest news and rescues. 


Latest Rescue

Thursday 13th June
Time: 18:26

The Iysha was taking on water. Crew Andrew Turner, Richard Miles and Steven Sheales were first on scene, followed by Jamie Smith, Karl Purenins, who brought two petrol powered pumps, and Jack Atkinson. Our pumps helped remove four feet of water from the fishing hold and engine room, assisting the two pumps already running. We left at 20h00, the vessel sitting about four inches higher in the water than when we found her, and the skipper of the vessel is assessing repairs.

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Latest News

Read about all our latest news and forthcoming events, including fund raising campaigns, equipment upgrades, training and public events throughout the Caister area.

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by Caister Lifeboats

  • Easter Egg Hunt 2019

    by Caister Lifeboats

    Hundreds of decorated Easter Eggs will fill the Caister Lifeboat shed - with a chocolate egg prize for everyone who takes part. Just search the shed for the clues to solve the riddle! Starts on ...

  • Caister Lifeboat crew tests use of drones

    by Caister Lifeboats

    An offshore lifeboat crew is testing the use of drones during search and rescue operations.

    The independent offshore lifeboat service at Caister, Norfolk, has a fleet of drones, fit...

  • Marconi Day

    by Caister Lifeboats

    Station today attempting to make contact with as many other "Hams" around the world as they can. From basic vocal and Morse code tapping keys to the most up to date computer generated messages. ...

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