Committal of Ashes

A dignified and fitting service for those wishing for ashes of a loved one to be scattered at sea.

Whether you or a loved one lived by the sea, enjoyed sailing or just spent memorable days out by the beach, the coast has a tranquility like no other place. And perhaps that peace and closeness to nature would provide the perfect setting for you to scatter the ashes of someone special to whom you have said goodbye.

Caister Lifeboat offers a dignified and fitting service to families wishing for ashes to be scattered at sea, and the short ceremony is conducted with the families able to share this emotional moment.

The coxswain and crew stand and hold silence while the service conducted and ashes and wreathes set carefully into the water.

From the historic look-out tower at our old lifeboat station on Caister Beach, you ad your family will be able to watch the service taking place on the lifeboat, hearing the tribute over th VHF radio. 

This service is offered to all communities countrywide, with rates comparable to land-based cremation alternatives, with all proceeds helping to save lives offshore and on our beaches.

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for all your help in us scattering John’s ashes at sea…”

“Thank you for your very moving words at sea - I know they meant so much to me and all the other families present. What a lovely morning to scatter….”

“It will always be a memorable day for me, one I will never forget. Thank you for such a memorable day and please thank all the crew members and volunteers for their help. As you know, we have always supported Caister Lifeboat, both as individuals and as a family and will continue to do so.”

As an independent Lifeboat we depend entirely on donations

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